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Nucifora Tea, 100% Australian grown tea, is a fresh pure single-origin black tea. Nucifora Tea Estate located in the tropical rainforest-Palmerston area of Far North Queensland was founded by Sebastian Nucifora in 1985, adjacent to the World Natural Heritage Wooroonoonan National Forest Park. With abundant sunshine and rainfall throughout the year, the fertile soil has been silently nourishing the unequalled tea trees. We never use pesticides and we have been carefully taking care of this land and the tea plants that grow on it. Only the tender young tips of the plants are harvested to provide the top-quality black tea.

The most authentic local black tea!

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9 thoughts on “100% AUSTRALIAN GROWN TEA

  1. Absolutely delicious.. best tea I’ve tasted. Just ordered first of many.. tried some from the roadside stall driving past on holiday.. beautiful flavour and great to buy Australian no pesticides. Total winner! Yum!!

  2. Picked some up on holiday driving past the roadside.. oh my.. just placed my first of what will be many orders.. best tea I’ve tasted ( and I love my tea). Fabulous to buy an Australian grown tea that doesn’t use pesticides. Absolutely delicious!

  3. Love this tea, it is the best

  4. Hi Sebastian,
    I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how wonderful I think your tea is.
    My husband and I first bought your tea from your roadside stand when we were travelling from the Tablelands down to Innisfail.
    I had to go out and buy a tea pot so I could make it as for years I have used only tea bags. Since drinking your tea, I vow I will never use a tea bag again! I thoroughly enjoy my cup of Nucifora Black tea every morning and I am now going out to buy a bigger tea pot so that when friends and family come over they will no longer be served the usual tea bag. I will be treating my guests to your beautiful tea made in the traditional way of brewing in a teapot. Thank you again so much for a wonderful product and honoring the earth with your chemical free farming practices.
    Kind Regards
    Jodie Slade

  5. We purchased your Black Tea from the Tourist Information Centre while traveling to Undarra Lava Tubes. Your taste is smooth and not tarty, it is a real delight to sip your tea from our Bone China cups. Keep producing this great tasting Nucifora Black Tea that is grown in North Qld

  6. Wonderful tea. I stopped and bought some when I saw the roadside stand next to the beautiful tea fields when I drove up to Atherton Tablelands the first time. It is great you have that little stand – I will get some whenever I drive up again.

  7. Instant regret not picking up more than one bag of tea! Particularly as the tea is high quality and doesn’t leave an acidic/bitter after taste, definitely one of the best black tea’s I’ve tried. I highly recommend this product.

  8. The best tasting tea ☕️ I’ve found been using for years

  9. Nucifora Black Tea is becoming a part of your life, Not only because we are pushing it, but also because you are pulling it.

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